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National Alliance Buying Group works with many small businesses across America to bring you innovative and unique products with discounted pricing and promotions. NABG was created to help you with purchasing in a more efficient way. We have worked in various aspects of Convenience, Premium Tobacco, CBD-Wellness and the Closeout industries for 35 years. We urge you to take advantage of our experiences, relationships and procurement resources. Having been both a manufacturer's rep and operated retail businesses gives us a unique perspective of your needs on both ends of the spectrum.

Our Products
  • Tobacco


    We have created a unique shopping forum that brings you premium cigars and accessories with the best pricing and deals available.

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  • Convenience


    We proudly present you with unique, value based and profitable for your business products. We choose the items we present to you based on our lifetime of experience in this industry.

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  • Grocery


    We have searched for profitable and unique products for you to present to your customers at great promotional prices.

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  • CBD-Wellness

    Health & Wellness

    Our goal is to present you with many nutritional products that we hope you will consider featuring in your business. We have made sure these companies are quality manufacturers meeting or exceeding all requirements.

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  • Closeouts


    Take advantage of the relationship we have with suppliers. This category will be changing daily or weekly so be sure to check it out on a daily or even more frequent basis to help your bottom line.

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  • General Merch

    General Merchandise

    We offer items pertaining to smoke shops, convenience stores, grocery stores, health & wellness stores that do not fit into another category, but certainly could be applicable to your business.

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National Alliance Buying Group

National Alliance Buying Group was created to assist you with purchasing in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

We have worked in all aspects of this industry including manufacturing, distribution, sales representation, exporting and product creation.

We specialize in pioneering new products with promotional activities surrounding these launches. National Alliance Buying Group represents many facets of commerce allowing you to utilize our long-standing relationships with vendors, providing solutions to your needs.

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