Killer Concept - Mobile Fan Display

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Killer Concept - Mobile Fan Display

Plug and Play: Just plug it in and the fan begins to spin

Better motors and parts: From our fan blades (balanced for optimal performance), to our motors (tested to run for 48 hours+ without giving off any heat), all parts are tested, designed, and optimized

Improved Connectors: The Android version uses a gold plated bi-directional connector so that the fan is always facing up regardless of the phone's microUSB orientation. The iPhone version uses a custom connector that is compatible with the iPhone lightning port, but does not violate Apple's patents Capacitors and Resistors:

Killer Concepts' fans regulate its power usage to safe levels in order to protect the smartphone device's circuitry and so as not to overheat the phone's battery. It also means lower battery usage by the fan.

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